Unpainted Babies

Okay so I went onto eBay and was looking through the dolls and I came across a baby that looked funny, it had no detail what so ever. It wasn’t just the camera either, the nails weren’t tipped, lips were blank, it was just the kit. I looked at the listing title and it didn’t say it was a kit so, I went down to the description, and it said, painted with many layers of Genesis heat set paints, nails are tipped and glossed. Yet the baby was not painted at all. So, I thought ok, then it better be a cheap baby, I scrolled back up, $400!!! So I wanted to see if there were anymore of these kinds of babies so I went to the, people were also interested in, category. Next I found a “biracial baby,” this one was cheaper though, at $200, which is still insane. The baby was just a biracial kit, the kit wasn’t painted the nails weren’t tipped, the lips weren’t painted, the only thing was that the lips were glossed. So again I went to the description, I lightly paint my babies, so they don’t look painted, and they look real. At least she’s honest, but has anyone gotten one of these babies or stumbled across them? Just curious on other people’s thoughts.

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I have never gotten an unpainted baby that was sold as a painted kit… I dont think ive come across one either… I have seen kits that could definitely use more color and detail… When i paint babies i yend to go a little nuts with the coloring… Lol


I know exactly who you are talking about.Read her feedback.


Post a link or something. I wanna see this with my own eyes!


Yes post link please.

PM to you

PM to you

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@CarolinaCuties who are you talking about u wanna pm me the link too, just to make sure we are talking about the same person, Thanks!

a friend of my sisters was asking the price of a baby and after i told her she said she got one on amazon for her daughter really cheap and sent me a picture … they only thing you tell was painted on that doll were the lips … i told her i didnt think it was even a real reborn.

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We may not be talking about the same person.I have noticed the one I am talking about for several months now and she has started to put slightly more paint on them and lowered her prices.

can you pm me too I want to see these dolls

Thanks MaryJane, My guess is that she buys these dolls from China. She stated that she thinks it will wear a size newborn but is not sure what size it is. It says it is a real born but doesn’t know what kit… hum something is wrong. Buyer Beware

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No plans to buy.I look at them on ebay while mine are cooking,cooling,drying etc.just to kill time sometimes.Her feedback reflects what many of her customers thought.The ones that gave her positive feedback probably didn’t know any better and think that’s what all reborns look like.:fearful:

Can I get the link please?

I see them all the time…they are just kits with lipstick on…funny but sad people getting ripped off.

I’d love to see the link also!! When you get the chance please send me the link… I definitely gotta see this :smiley:

I came across this person’s listing yesterday. Her rational reminds me of the amy patent ladies.