Ultimate fusion Newby :)

I switched from genesis to ultimate fusion, subscribed to sue ellen patreon.
But i cant seem to find information about how to use the sealer. Exept from drops in my washes…
I’m almost ready to seal my sandie, en add some matte .
So, some questions :slight_smile:
1, why is my paint on some places extremely shiny, and how to prevent?
2, how do i use sealer, bottle from ultimate fusion?
3, im going to take sue ellens advice and use AK. ULTRA MATTE as a matte varnish layer at the end. But what is the correct curing time… i read somewhere it is 2 weeks?
4, does anybody have a good tutorial about rooting eyelashes on open eye’s? Normally i root the lashes, try to glue on inside lids, and then when dry try to put eyes in fron the front. Problem here is my lashes get tangled up…or they flap inside… when i put the eyes in from the inside head, my paint can crack, and the glued bits of the lashes can go on the eyeballs…so… what’s the tip of the day?

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If you are a member of Sue Ellen’s patreon you should be able to message her there with your questions and get an answer from her since those are the paints she is teaching with. She has always seemed very quick to help others from what I have seen so I am sure she will answer you.

I already sent her a message, but with the time difference, shes not responding yet…