Uh oh I'm into TROUBLE

Have y’all seen this cutie, Trouble by Nikki Johnston? She looks like a newborn Robin!! But with adorable scrunchy legs. Such a cutie!



Yasssss! I want this one, too.

I really like this one and will preorder it. Has anyone ever had problems with her kits? I can’t remember if I have ever reborned one. Is the vinyl nice to work with? Are the limbs proportionate and detailed? I used to preorder everything that came out, but not so much, anymore. Honesty is appreciated.

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I have only Robin from her (the newer edition) and her vinyl is great. Its a nice color to work on and she seem pretty proportionate to me.


Thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated!

I will certainly buy her ! She is lovely !
I have reborned Isabella, vinyl was fine and limbs proportionate.


Definitely adorable! I really love that little face!

She is beautiful!

Very adorable. But 1 question. The site states “don’t heat the vinyl “, so how would you paint it? I use only gasp and naturally heat it.

She’s referring to kit defectiveness. Once you heat the vinyl, then any issues with the kit will be on the artist, not the dealer.


Yup…gotta have that one :wink:

I did Robin asleep and the only thing I didnt like was the closed hand. I notice that most people hide that hand in pictures but he was still nice to paint and if I didnt have all these other kits, plus new ones coming it, Id buy another one.

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Oh, I want this one too :wink:

Oh ok. I like that kit. Now I’ll have to figure out how to get it without my wallet telling me “no your broke”! :blush: odd jobs here I come!!

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I can see it now, 46 y/o babysitting for dolly money.:joy::rofl:

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Here she is so you can see her!