Twins? Triplets?

I know this is going to sound like a strange question but I want to do twins or triplets. I have a couple of small kits that I want to do but does it make sense to make two of the same? I was thinking of doing mirror twins, identical but not…

I am thinking of doing two Meagans or three Lanes…

Is it just a basket of the same baby? I would like them not sure what other people think. Weigh in if you have an opinion.


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I prefer twins that are slightly different.

OOOh ok gonna go see what Leah looks like!

I love Leah and she is actually Lanes twin. I love her lips

I had no idea, just went and looked at photos…I have newbie written all over me!

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There are a few twin kits.

Leah and Lane
Sugar and Honey
Gabriel and Gena
Avery and Aubrey
Sweet pea awake and asleep

also some that share limbs

like Megan, Miles, Teagan, Tayla, Taite

Naomi/Neveah/Natalie ( I think)
Charlotte/Frankie ( I think)

Anyways… if you look in the parts section it will list the names on the arms/legs… and you will know who share limbs. Which I personally dont like for twins…

You are awesome, thank you so much, I am totally printing that out and saving it.

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