Twin A!

So, have you guys seen the other half of Twin B? I think she’s just adorable, but a little disappointed that they look so alike. First time I saw Twin A I thought it was B at first!

TWIN A!product/prd12/4229423801/preorder!---twin-a---vinyl-kit

TWIN B!product/prd12/3970168961/instock!---twin-b---vinyl-kit

So, which one’s your fave? :slight_smile:


I love both if them. Twin A is available through Small World Wonders for $60.99. Carmen is picking one up for me at ROSE so I will have her as soon as I meet up with Marita (I may have to get a Denver Rose when I pick up A).


I think it’s kinda nice. To me, they’d make the most realistic pair of identical twins. Different limbs, and similar faces, but just different enough that you can tell them apart. :slight_smile:


Yes, they’re timeless edition, which is sooo nice!


they are both adorable my fave is a though

I believe there is, it’s just the lighting. But I agree with you, the only thing I don’t like on these kits are the mouths. Most babies sleep with their mouths closed, although some do sleep with it open. But I’ve never seen a baby sleep with their mouth just gaping wide open. It’s cute, but not really realistic IMO.

I agree, generally I like open mouths on awake babies only. But the rest of them is sculpted so beautifully I feel like I could maybe look past that. I have to keep reminding myself I already have my dream baby lol.

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I really love their mouths, as my son had a mouth like that for the first 3 months.