Twin A and B Invoice

Has anyone received or got an invoice about their Twin A or Twin B from Small World Wonder yet? I still haven’t heard anything or received an invoice. I preordered 3 months ago so it’s frustrating at this point. A lot of other vendors/suppliers have shipped out the kits.

I got mine on Friday for Twin A. She shipped her out on Saturday :smile:

From Small World Wonders?

I was having issues with my twin b kit awhile back with Kaitlyn. It did take some time for me to finally get my kit but that was way back in July! I’d be pretty upset if I was still waiting!

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Yes, from Small Wonders. I only ordered Twin A.

I received an invoice 2 days ago for twin A and a body.

I emailed her and she said she would invoice tonight but hasn’t. She probably will tomorrow. Has it shipped?