Tutu Much

I was showing my aunt the tutus I made and they were all sitting in a pile on her coffee table so I thought I would take a picture and share. I’m planning to do a PIF for two tutus soon- they’re very calming to make :slight_smile:

Here’s one on a baby! Isn’t it sweet? :heart:


Awwwww so cute!! What’s PIF?

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Thank you!! It’s a giveaway called a “Pay It Forward”. :smile: You can do them just because but a lot of people do them because someone did something nice for them. Hope that makes sense!

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Aww how sweet! :heartpulse::heartpulse:

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The latest tutu finished!



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They are tutu GORGEOUS!!!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Is that you holding the dolly? You are a beautiful young woman!

I like the multi-colored tutu. My Precious Gift had a similar one in pink and pale green. It made her little tushie stick up when she was posed in a onesie and tutu combo.

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Thank you, Nikki!!:heart:

It is! Thank you so much, Helen! I really do love tutus. They’re just so fun :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

Yes! You get so used to it that it becomes like clockwork almost. I was thinking of making a bunch and taking them to sell at my local flea market one day! :open_mouth: @MichelleP20

I have a whole box labeled tutu’s because I love them so much. Most of them are too big for the baby dolls though. I use them for toddies. My little ones all went home with babies because they looked so adorable on them.


They are beautiful. I have a tutorial for making tutu’s for newborns. Maybe one day I can sit down and try my hand at making one. :smile:

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Thank you!!:heart:@vicki59840