Trying the 3 primary washes to achieve skin tone

ok i dont have powders yet but i had some test arms to try building the skin tone with using only the 3 primary colors of yellow, blue and red. i like how it looks now i need money for the powders and some kits…lol i hate being broke.

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Nice color on the arm.

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thank you. i think im going to paint babies like this from now on.

I have one doll I’m doing the red-yellow-blue wash on, but I had to put it on hold for a while. I wasn’t going to do the powders though. I’m watching to see how it goes for everyone.

the tutorial i was reading said to do a thin yellow wash then thin blue wash and then the thin red wash. and with this method there is no adding of the flesh color

you can find out more at liveffects tutorials and tips by sue-ellen on facebook