TRYING not to be a complainer but

…I’m seriously about to lose it with this sugar head! She currently has more hair than not, but what’s left will NOT cooperate with being rooted at all!!! I worked for HOURS yesterday and got it to take maybe four hairs, and that was AFTER I finally gave in and tried the rice sock! I’m about to yank it all out and leave her bald! I’ve had stubborn heads before but I’ve NEVER had one that I didn’t finally find something that worked and let me finally get finished rooting it…what am I supposed to do if I can’t get any more head into this thing :confused:

So sorry you are having so much trouble with the rooting! I’m fairly new to all this and I’m curious, is it the needle that won’t go in? Is the vinyl too thick? Or does the hair break?

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So sorry you are having so much trouble with the rooting! I’m fairly new to all this and I’m curious, is it the needle that won’t go in? Is the vinyl too thick? Or does the hair break?

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no the needle goes in fine…the vinyl’s soft like always, and honestly it doesn’t seem the hair’s breaking either…for some reason, it’s like the hair’s just not being “grabbed”? And I have like a whole tube of needles, I keep changing them over and over and rotating them and turning the hair over and over thinking I must have something backwards or something…but UGH…I can’t catch a break with it

Hate to hear that… I have Honey that probably will have the same vinyl consistancy… Hope you get her rooted…

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Hate to hear that… I have Honey that probably will have the same vinyl consistancy… Hope you get her rooted…

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I have a Honey too and haven’t begun that kit – hope I don’t have the same problems.

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I keep trying to respond but my messages will not post. Maybe they’re too long so I will keep this short.

I completely sympathize with you as I am having the same problem. The end result for me was too many needle holes and the head too dark where it had been stabbed too many times. Even gluing the inside of the head didn’t help. I finally yanked out the crown of her head and I’'m trying to figure out how I can improve that area. I filled it in with genesis thickener and genesis thinner and then scrapped over it after it dried with an exacto knife. The holes are filled, but the head is still dark. I am not able to heat it to set it because of the glue inside her head. If I did would it explode? or just melt? Anyway after forty hours of rooting I can’t figure how to salvage it. And so she sits, wondering if she will end up in the closet with the rest of the unfinished babies

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Mary, sometimes it might be best to just watch the supply list to see if there is a head available to replace the damaged one. I did exactly the same thing with my Chrissy head and it wasn’t worth saving - so I found she served well as a practice vinyl. They often times offer limbs and heads on the vinyl parts section - even if you don’t find the exact head (but keep watching) you might find one that will work with the limbs you have. Everyone has had their share of boo boos – don’t give up! AND, sometimes they look great bald! Who needs hair???

  2. put the baby down and walk away
  3. work on something else
  4. try again tomorrow
  5. remember that this is an enjoyable hobby

Sometimes just a break from it helps

Now I’m afraid to start my Honey! Maybe I will leave her bald like suggested!


I generally use a crown or one barb needle but when I find an area that won’t take hair I pull out one of my 38g 3 barb needles and that always works. I just know that I’m going to have to spend some time plucking out extra hair but at least I can keep moving forward in the process. Try this when your ready to scream…It has saved many of my poor baby heads!!!

Now you have me scared! I’m halfway thru rooting a Moby head. couldn’t handle it if I got this far and she wouldn’t let me finish her. Hope you find a solution and let us know. I had one before that gave me problems but I think it was just me! I’m still using the 38g needles but only picking up one or two hairs with that even with 6 barbs. Trying to learn to root from the end.

Wondering if anyone has ever made Moby into a boy. I sort of want a boy sometime and if she turns out good, I might keep her but make her a boy. Just the shape of her head reminds me of the baby down the street. I’ll have to see if it looks too girly when I’m done.

By the way, I was having problems posting earlier. Finally started coping everything to the clipboard before I tried. Anyone else having problems?

You beat me to it, Cindy. I was going to suggest a three barbed needle.

Well - this is just my 2 cents worth, but I tend to have that problem, too. What I did was to stuff the head with polyfill as tightly as I could and then root. I think the needle and the hair grabs into the polyfill 'cause it worked for me. “Whew”.


well girls I have to say…the thought of glueing and then trying to finish actually has crossed my mind in moments of desperation, but I too was afraid the glue would come through and make an even bigger mess of things. The thought of stuffing her to the gills with polyfil is a good one, and something I hadn’t thought of!!! Might have to try that, also the wetting a tiny spot and trying to move forward like that!! There’s some good ideas on here and I appreciate them greatly. SURELY something will work. I took a break from it today, and eventually went back to it, cause let’s face it, if I got a baby layin around, I can’t just NOT work on it Finally I just kept running back and forth with my rice sock to the microwave, which, excuse my expression, but is a HUGE pain in the butt! Considering I’m using one of my dh’s socks who btw, has HUGE feet, and then the hole in the head is not so huge, and well…you get the picture…but I realized, as long as I keep things “heated” pretty good, it works a little better. MUCH better than nothing, that’s for sure!! Thanks for the tips!!! I will be trying them if my rice sock starts to fail me again…I’m ALMOST at the finish line with it, lol, if I could just get this one little circle covered!!

When I have problems where the hair just doesn’t seem to either want to go in or doesn’t stay in I add a little water and start rooting again. It usually helps get going again.

I think maybe the polyfil should help but I always instead of using a rice sock I warm my rice lossely in a bowl and using a funnel and pour the rice in the head that way and take a wash cloth and put over the hole and then take a pony tail band and wrap it around the neck once or twice depending on how stretched out the band is.

Sometimes the heads are very thin in spots (usually seconds) and the hair does not take well in those areas. I use a larger needle and pull out the extra hair in the plugs. I love a soft thick vinyl head, hair goes in so easy…

I root with the head pressed into my chest. I did not when I first started but I have found the right position. I have to make sure I have a white or an old washed so many time I think it will fall apart shirt to be sure no dyes will rub off onto my babies face. I never thought about on a table.

A lot of the time if you are not catching the hair when you root, it is often caused by just not having your needle facing the right direction. I don’t use needle holders any more for my barbed needles.

I wrap a big rubber around the top of the needle for me to have a grip and this way I can see the direction of the barbs.
On most needles the flat end should face up toward you, and this way the barbs will pick up a hair. If your needle in not in the right position it will not pick up any hair and will just poke holes in the head.

If you have holes in the head, just bake it for 8 minutes like you do when you paint, and the holes will close up.
I always bake after I root to close up any holes that might show up, and it does not hurt the mohair at all.

I glue my heads with Art Gel Medium by Liquitex and it drys fast, clear, and is completely waterproof. I also find it cheaper than glue, and it is a very nice consistency when it is applied. I apply some to the crown when I root, and after it is dry, I can continue to root without any problems because the dry gel is so strong.

This happened to me before. Add a thin coat of matte varnish. it will help keep the hair fro slipping out…