I pre-ordered Truly by Sherry Rawn today. I can’t wait to get her. She reminds me of Adrie Stoete’s Lizzy. I missed out on her and I really wanted her.


I just went and took a pick at her. She is PRECIOUS!!!

@jeanhai–too funny, that’s what i said!

I can’t wait either. I didn’t pay attention when Lizzy came out. Then i got this idea to make a kit for my best friend from back home named Liz whom I haven’t seen in years. So, i researched kits with the name Liz and when I saw the Lizzy kit i was so excited. Then it turned to dissappointment real fast.

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did you get her yet? @jeanhai. Got mine yesterday. What are your thoughts. Her head is bigger than what i imagined. Her limbs…up in the air. I don’t think they are very detailed. I’m going to save her for a special occasion. Next on the list is Ollie! They almost look related.

Our mail hasn’t come yet. I’m hoping I’ll get mine today. She and Ollie would make great twins, wouldn’t they?

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