Trouble with Doll Dreams a supplier from Florida

Has anyone had trouble with Doll Dreams a company based in Florida? I ordered from them, got one kit and was told the other kit was backordered, then sent a different kit that I didn’t order, and no one has responded to my emails.

If you could give the initials of the doll company, it would help. I know that I have bought from a company in Florida.

DSR? I usually get good customer service there.

initials are DD owned by L.Sk. in Wesley Chapel, Fla.

I feel the DD is not “all there” lately. Something is wrong. Also, when I have emailed questions about products, I have had to email at least over three times to get an answer. I have found them to be not that polite either. When a person has money to spend, I know I won’t spend it where I am not treated decently.

I haven’t ever dealt with them so I’m no help. I debate it sometimes but get sucked back in by BB’s prices! I don’t make that many babies so my stash is under 20 kits. They do have some I would love to add but so far I have resisted. And I haven’t heard much good praise for them in the past when it comes to customer service.

I still haven’t heard any reply to my emails. I’m going to hold onto the kit I didn’t order as I already paid for the one on back order, until I hear from them. I get 99% of my supplies from BB, but wanted to try a few different kits that they didn’t have. BB has been the best I have dealt with since I started reborning this year. I will no longer deal with DD.

OMG i have been buying kits from Lynne for years and i have never had bad anything from her , she has been over the top for me, bent over backwards for me…sends me little goodies and everything…i do admite i buy most of my supplys from BB because of price but DSR has been a life saver in many many casses and she has become a good friend…there must be something wrong… yes she has moved and she is in collage so maybe that is some of the problem but please do try to talk to her , she is a sweetheart, really…

I have never had a problem with Linda from DD. I order from her all of the time. A notice did go out that they were moving and somethings including their phone number changed. If you call during normal business hours I am sure they can help you.

As for tracking numbers. USPS is great for that. I had a buyer wanting to file a claim on me because they “recycle” their tracking numbers. When the client clicked on it the tracking number showed delivering in Idaho in 2010! Needless to say the client freaked out thought I was lying etc. the package arrived on time thank goodness. Oh in New York lol

I never order from DD ether , was told that the reason they take so long to ship is because if they shipped right away people would think they were not busy …lol lol also , not a good attitude and Sheila Michaels is a good friend of mine and I love her babies…

My DD orders and my BB orders come in the same amount of time. I place an order with DD and within a few mins I have all of my information just like BB .

Again pick up the phone and callso during normal business hours. Companies are not sitting at computers 24/7 to check emails. They will however answers a phone

And Pumpkin Patch I don’t know where you heard such nonsense and I don’t know why you would say something so nasty. Doll Dreams has been in business for quite some time they just expanded so i am sure their business is just fine.

I have never had any problems with this company. Sometimes my order goes super fast and sometimes it goes much, much slower but they are a reliable and great supplier with super sales,

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