Transferring PayPal funds from a sale

I sell my dolls to supplement my social security. How long is a reasonably safe time to transfer funds out of PayPal and into your bank after a sale? I always wait a few days after it’s delivered but I’m always afraid that PayPal will refund for some reason and then I’ll be overdrawn with additional fees. Anybody ever had this happen?

It normally hits my bank 2 business days from the time I hit that transfer funds button on PayPal, and I don’t ship until I see the deposit in my bank account. I’ve never been overdrawn.

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I leave it in my PayPal account until tracking lets me know it was delivered. What happens if they change their mind or decide they don’t like it and complain to PayPal? Do they automatically refund? Does the customer have to prove that it was returned first? I’m not really anticipating a problem but you just never know about people.

I’m also on SS and sell on eBay to supplement my income. I usually transfer from PayPay to my bank account almost immediately. First I pay my sellers fees then transfer out the balance. I find that the money hits my bank in just 1 to 2 business days

I’m less concerned with when the money goes into my bank (because I can check that) than with what happens if I only have $30 in my PayPal account and they refund $200.

If the customer paid by PP, your 3 day deadline is not valid. They can do chargeback months later through PP or through their CC provider. And it really does not matter where the money is, or if there is no money in any of your accounts, unless you can provide all the required info they will get the money out of you one way or other, sending in debt collectors if necessary. Once debt collecting agency is employed that is when you will also have to pay other charges.


recently happened to me pay pal did refund them and i never even got the doll back and pal pal doesnt seem to care
the buyer “changed her mind” after i mailed the doll out i am frustrated with pay pal but have no other option

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For a buyer to be refunded they have to file a case with paypal. The seller has a chance to dispute the case and also come to an agreement with the buyer. Paypal will make the final decision on the case if the 2 parties can not agree on a resolution. So you should know ahead of time before anything is refunded.

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pay pal told me that the money was accidently refunded by a new employee
they agreed with me that the money should not have been refunded untill i received the doll back and said they refunded my money only i can not see were it was refunded and every time i call to talk to someone i am given the run around about the entire situation
ive now written it off but still feel it was unfair the buyer got a beautiful doll i think my best work so far and her money refunded also

I had a customer do a chargeback on her credit card thru PayPal ~ and she got to keep the doll. Nice. I walked around shaking my head over that one for a while. I had all the right paperwork, etc. and even spoke to a human – and she still got a refund on her credit card and kept the doll. Made me want to pull my hair out. BEWARE. It happens. Apparently it has a whole lot do with WHO you are talking to/dealing with @ PayPal.

This REALLY bothers me. So someone can change their mind about a doll, keep it and still get a refund? Why would paypal do that. The buyer should definitely have to return the item before they get a refund. I can see scammers taking advantage of this and it makes selling a doll very scary.

VERY SCARY. The only other time I had a PayPal situation was a lady who complained that the doll’s head “fell off” in the box – she opened a case against me and PayPal had her return the doll to me and then refunded her, even though I sent all the right paperwork, had PayPal look at her Ebay auction, etc…I received the doll back with her head off (cable tie still intact), some kind of sticky stuff all over her, and she’d obviously been played with by children because her mohair was all matted and gooey and they had marked her body with markers. Same condition as when I sent her? HARDLY. But she got a refund.

I re-reborned that doll and turned around and sold her for even more! Go me. Make lemonade outta those lemons.

YES…PayPal, Ebay, selling is ALL SCARY. I feel very fortunate to have only had a couple of bad apples in the almost 14 years I’ve been making and selling babies.

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Don’t you have something like financial ombudsman? If PP made a mistake, they need to pay you back. I would be just calling until it gets sorted out. Here I would say the magic word “financial ombudsman” and bet the money would be back in my account.

thank you for the advice ludmila i may try that
i have contacted the internet crime investigation center about this they said it will be a while but i will hear from them so patience is probably the key it will all get resolved someday i hope