I just had to do at least one more Tory before she was gone for good. So I purchased a kit. I’m glad I only got one. I kept thinking something was not right and when she was done, I put her on the recommended body. Oh my, she is so out of proportion. Her head is too small for the body and the limbs are long (for the head-that is). Anybody else notice this? What body did you use?

I remember someone mentioning a different kit whose head had gotten smaller, but don’t remember if the limbs shrank too. It makes me skeptical about the improvements being made to some of the kits.

Juliet"s head is smaller and so is Caleb’s. I don’t know if the limbs are also resized. Seems that most of the “redone” kits are having issues with something? Less detail, Lulu’s eye size, Caleb’s head size, etc.?

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When I did Caleb, I noticed his head seemed too small for his body. Has anyone gotten any correspondence back from BB about these issues and why they are making these changes.