I have the Amy kit by Linda Murray which came with a full torso, do this make the baby less cuddly? Do you sell yours with the torso if they came as part of the kit or do you keep it back and use just for photographs?

It will definitely be less cuddly.
If it comes with the kit, I’d include it. Customers also like taking photographs or posing with a torso as well.
Just make sure you don’t use pictures showing a torso when selling a reborn that comes without a torso.

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Ok thank you x

I love love love torsos! I’m more into realism and photos than I am cuddling. I think some artists only use them for photos and don’t include them in the sale but I can’t imagine having one torso matching all my babies


I have the same question :slightly_smiling_face:

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So once you for these torso’s to the baby you can’t take it off without taking all the limbs off? I’m not sure I like them, nice for photos but not permanently on the baby

You would have to dismantle the doll to remove a torso. It’s not like a belly plate. I checked on MacPheron’s site and they are showing the torso to Amy as optional. So if you don’t like it I don’t think it would matter to a buyer.
BTW…I love torsos and need them to make my drink and wet dolls. If you want to sell your torso let me know.

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I’m tempted to cut it in half and use it as a belly plate for photos, surely if I state that it is for photos only and does not come with the baby then potential buyers would not expect it? I just imagine the baby to be really stiff with it fitted

I have the Chloe Murray sculpt here which includes the torso, and when I paint her she’ll have her torso.
If it came with the kit, I always include.
I’m not a fan of torsos myself much, or belly plates for that matter lol my keeper has a beautiful front plate but I never use it.
I’ve had a extra female torso here for months with intention to use it and still haven’t lol
I will add tho, with Chloe, I’ll be using her torso for her as a alternative. Got a image in my head as a baby winter fairy, with pointy ears and wings lol
So torso needed lol
But, if it’s optional, I wouldnt get it unless someone specifically asked for it for their custom

Buyers don’t always read. You can explicitly say it’s not included and buyers will still expect it sometimes. They don’t have a case, but it’s not worth the hassle.
It’s happened to me (with clothing) and I’ve heard it happen to other people as well.