Too many kits?

That’s just insane !!! Are you kidding me, that kit is $80. you should have started it out at a certain price, What in the world are people thinking !!! Does everyone want something for “nothing”???

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I suppose you can’t blame the bidders because it was such a low starting bid…I agree that starting it out higher might have been a better option. Still, I hope it picks up for you!

hahahaha! if you spent that much in one month you definitely have a kit habit…welcome to the club…
It is amazing how much we do spend…I total mine up every quarter for tax purposes and it is pretty astounding to see it in print!

Still couple of days to go, bet she goes up in the last few moments. However, I never start anything at less than I am happy to take.
Just wondering how much the shipping would be if you post her as a parcel instead of using the global shipping which comes up for me as "£45.08 International Priority Shipping to Australia"
I have recently bought a box of ceramic wall tiles from Europe, the box weighed about 20kg and the shipping with full tracking, insurance and signature was about £50.