TONS of kits, priced to sell, SOLE, LE, Discontinued, Etc

is Sam still available? if so i would like him PayPal is

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I would like jasper the fairy!! My PayPal is banks.

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@Katinafleming Will Scholl!


I’ll take Sam and the Jamie head
My Pay Pal is:

I’ll take Clyde awake head and Dominic awake kit please! Pm sent

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I’ll take Sam!

I’ll take the jasper fairy! Eek! I made the set a few years back and wanted to do more but they were discontinued. Sending pm

Oh shoot! I saw someone else asked first…never mind!

I’ll take layla please. I’ll pm my paypal.

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I’d like Cooper please!


I’d like Jasmine and Harley please :slight_smile:

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Is Kylie still available? I think I want her if she is. She’s too hard to resist. :heart_eyes:


I want Sam if it’s still available. PayPal

I will take Clyde Dominic Jamie

I’m back, it will take me a bit to sort out who asked for what first, but I’m working on it now:)


You were the first one to ask for Sam, I will send you the request now:)

For everyone else, @BethRN was the second to ask for Sam, followed by @RebeccaKatie, so they will be 2nd and 3rd in line. There were others who asked for Sam here and via PM, and if these 3 pass I’ll follow up with 4th, 5th, at that time.

I also req the Jamie head too please

@chatrat Dominic Awake and the Clyde Awake head are yours.

@1queen is second in line for Dominic Awake and the Clyde Awake head.

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@BethRN the Jamie head is yours.

@1queen You are second in line.

What about Clyde