Tones colors

How do I get a darker skin tone or more realistic tone and details I need help fast I have been trying to get a nice skin tone for a week now and it’s just not helping so what are the details you use and what are the colors I should use to get that more realistic skin tone thanks


Your skin tones look nice on my screen. I’d say keep doing whatever you’re doing and add more blushing and creasing. If you are looking for warmer skin tones you can do burnt umber washes.

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I would do more pink/yellow and orange for a warmer skintone. More blue shading would help with the realism as well. Dont be afraid of colour.

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I would say more cool tones. Purples, blues, greens. But be very careful and work in thin layers so you don’t end up with a zombie baby lol

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We have that mermaid tail at our house! What are you trying to achieve? Have you done texture and mottling layers?

I love your Michael!
Try a very light burnt umber/yellow ochre wash- test on a limbs first to check how it is coming out because your babies are almost complete.
Can’t wait to see them all put together!

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I have tried to text her but it just doesn’t work do you have any tips

I used yellow cellulose sponges cut into about 3” circles to do texture layers in primary colors and plucked high density cosmetic wedges to do mottling layers on the baby I am working on right now. I really like the way it looks. But when I zoom in, it does appear that your baby has some mottling already. Can you post some more pictures?

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Yes I have updated picsi made the tone a bit darker now I need details thanks for the help by the way