Toddler tips?

Anybody have any tips on painting toddlers? I am about to start my first one. I’m mostly worried about getting her coloring right. I use rebornfx but any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance :blush:

Sue Ellen has a tutorial on Patreon! It’s only $10 for a month. You may want to try that. I love her tutorials.


Sue is actually doing a toddler and finishing up a newborn baby. She’s doing wet hair n vernix now. You can subscribe for 1 month or 2. Watch the videos, then cancel. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I tend to do toddlers with a bit less mottling than a newborn, and tend to blush them less as well.
My pro tip is to make sure that whatever you use as a drying rack can handle the weight of the limbs and head and to try out how you’ll fit everything on there so nothing touches before you start painting.
Toddler limbs are a lot bigger and heavier than newborn ones and you don’t want them falling off your drying rack messing up the nice painting you just did.


I stick to lighter colours, mainly in the reds. I typically do a peach mottle to start with…or very light red or a pink.

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As recommended, Sue-Ellen’s Patreon is great. This is my June WIP following her videos. Very worth the $10 a month.

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This is great advice. It would suck to have your rack topple or have pieces stuck together.

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