Toddler Kits?

Does anyone know where I can find a toddler kit? within the next few months I’m hoping to do one. I was going to do Tibby, but I would like to see if I can find other kits I might like better. so far I haven’t been having much luck, all of the kits I’ve seen are either not very cute or too expensive. if I can’t find anything else I will probably do Tibby, since she is a cute kit, but I would just like to explore my options. Thanks ladies!

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Tibby comes out cute but she is a bit “doll-y”. Other toddies can be quite expensive, but they go for more too if they are done well. They are worth the money. I have Ella-Mae, Katie Marie, and Lena. I’m working on Lena right now and I just adore her. I was never happy about my Tibby although she sold easily enough. It’s worth saving for some of the others. Do Tibby now and one of the others with the money you get when you sell her!


Pick one of the Rubert toddlers: Kitten, Ladybug, Cookie, Cuddles. Love the toddlers.

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