Toddler Doll

Does Bountiful Baby sell a toddler size doll? I have never reborn one this will be my first, What kit should i purchase to learn on ??? Who else sells them i looked on ebay but i don’t have any ideas what the correct size would be i wan’t one that would look to be about 5 years old I would love to do one for my 2 year old neice Miranda.God Bless,

As far as I know I think the biggest doll BB sells is Eden. She is about 23 inches. She’s not really a toddler but an older baby. She is a cutie with chunky little legs.

try apple valley doll works, they have a lot of options. i think this is the web site good luck

it was just a suggestion .

Thanks girls for the help.

the only one I know of that is that large is Angelica by Reva Schick…sold at Dolldreams for $179.99 plus shipping! I am told it costs close to $500 total to reborn her…I have a custom one to do…the only way I would do one as that is too much money to risk her not selling on ebay in this market!

I’m curious as to how much it costs to ship Angelica.

that is a good price for her toddlers…thanks! 28" is a good size toddler…still a long way from the 5 yr old size you are wanting though Kim.
a note of caution…I keep my 2 1/2 yr old grandaughter during the week while my daughter works…she loves all of Nana’s babies (even the unfinished kits!)…but my toddlers…even the 28" ones…she can not haul around…and Faith is the size of a 3 year old! (she wears a 4 T) and she is really rough on the hair … thank goodness the one she ‘plays’ with is wigged!

I never thought how big it would be to her,She will be 3 in August but she is 50 lbs and wears a 6t and 7 so she is a big gal,Thanks for bringing that to my attention,Kimesue8