To the doll show we go! (Pics)

I’m attending a doll and teddy bear show in Portland(Oregon) tomorrow and I’m bringing my tots(WIP), and a baby I hope to sell.

Anybody else attending the show?
I’ll post pictures here from the show tomorrow :slight_smile:


Cute stroller! Good luck with your sale!

I don’t think they are allow sales at those doll show if you are not a vendor. Just in case be very discrete about it. But I might be wrong.


They have a consignment table


Ended up not really taking any pictures, the show was smaller than it’s been in the past and there wasn’t a lot of room for taking decent pictures. I ended up not buying anything either as there was very little reborn stuff(only one booth actually). Was disappointed in the show, it’s been getting smaller and smaller over the years, but this one was the smallest yet, I didn’t find it to be worth the entry and parking fee at all :frowning:
Oh well, someday I’ll make it to ROSE(If I’m ever able to get a work-from-home job I can do with my health, or I win the lottery!)
I did get to chat with one reborn person, and that was fun and she was really nice. She had a silicone with her though I don’t know what one.

Anyway, here’s the collage my mum made-


Awesome! I would love to attend any doll show!

Nice pics and Collage! Thanks for sharing with us!