Tlc right now

Anyone watching this show about collections? this lady collects reborns

yes I was watching! now i wanna make a Libby! the hubbys awesome lol hes so funny hes like “oh i dont mind her playin with dolls then she don’t bug me!” lolol!

haha yeah i liked that guy at the shoe store too

hi, where wld u find it at on puter. i’d like to see too

— Begin quote from “Karen in NE”

Boy, does she EVER!!! Whoa, baby!!! I will admit to taking one of Tibby’s legs to Payless looking for shoes to fit her.

Hey! I’m rooting Annie’s hair right now, am I IN LABOR??? LOL

I wanna know what her hubby does for a living so she can stay home and play dolls all day.

— End quote

Oh geez, I hope not! If thats the case ill be in labor for weeks at a time!