Tissue sticking to babies?

I shipped a baby that got sent to on a wild ride to the wrong state? The tracking was odd, then finally made it’s way to the correct state only to arrive in a box that looked like angry gorillas stomped on it. The doll was fine, thank goodness but my client says that tissue is sticking to the leg.

The doll has cured for weeks, I would never send a wet or moist baby. I didn’t use glaze or glossy varnish, there was nothing other than maybe weather that would have created moisture???

This is an airdry doll, I am just wondering how to remove the paper without removing the paint. If it was a GHSP baby I would just soak the part with a warm wet wash cloth until it could be removed easily. I use acrylic paint on canvas and it is a water soluble paint even after curing but you can clean it gently with a tip and warm water to get rid of dust or yuck.

Any air-dry painters out there with ideas?

This was an expensive baby and I hate when the box opening isn’t super exciting, it isn’t fair, it is a lot of money and a whole lot of anticipation. It’s like going into the birth center with a perfect idea of about how your birth is going to go, down to a pretty labor gown and videographer only to get sent to the hospital for a c-section. Ok I am being overly dramatic but you know how excited collectors get, and we make that box so pretty for them, you just want them to have that smells like baby, soft focus moment…you know what I mean.

If you have any ideas…

(I always wrap my babies heads in tissue and bubble wrap, Because it was airdry I wrapped limbs too, I was worried they would get chipped)

Thanks in advance.

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If it’s just tissue, dampening it should make the tissue roll off with a fingertip.


air dry paint isn’t easy to strip off of a well cured doll, I wouldn’t think dampening it would remove paint. Angie with lil dumplin nursery would know. She’s a wiz at everything air dry!! @anjsmiles


I’m with @lynn on this. I use air dry and even if it’s only sat for a day and not fully cured, I would have to rub reallyhard to remove paint. I would think if you dampen the area it would lift the paper, and it shouldn’t harm the paint. When I cut and style babies hair, water will often drip and run off their face, and it never does anything to the paint or varnish.

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I am hoping it is just sticking in a few spots. I agree that usually dampening should not hurt it to remove the tissue then leave the baby to dry a couple days. What is more concerning to me is what happened in the first place? Either the baby got exposed to excessive moisture and this caused the finish to become tacky or this vinyl does not like the varnish mix on it. If moisture exposure is the case, a few days cure time in a very dry warm place should remedy that. Taking some corn starch and a mop brush and just powdering the whole baby down will help to absorb any moisture as well. Then a couple days later any corn starch residue can be brushed off. However, there have been a couple times over the years I found a vinyl to react funny to an air dry sealer and the finish to go tacky after it had time to cure. Once was using some Liquitex matte varnish about 8-10 years ago. Another time was when I used some Golden matting medium mixed in my varnish per a tutorial from MGDolls. I was able to rescue that doll by using a different very matted varnish over the top of it by RebornFX. So if her doll does not cure out after a week and lose its tack, she may have to send it back to you to be investigated.

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Im wondering what could have happened here as well.

I routinely run painted parts under water and scrub them with dawn. Dust and mediums come off, paint stays. I had a varnished part go chalky on me, so I ran to the sink and scrubbed at it just hoping something magical would happen. But no, has to be stripped.

Whole point is that if I’m doing all of this, dampening a spot to remove tissue is not going to do anything. My parts routinely get left in front of a fan overnight, so maybe this could help too. Depends on the underlying problem.

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Thanks ladies. She said the box was damaged and she thinks it may have been exposed to some moisture on the long crazy trip to get to her. She was able to remove it with some water and gentle rubbing.

She seems pretty happy.

I appreciate it.



Whew that is a relief! This is exactly why I wrap my babies in a blanket head to toe and then put the whole baby down inside a white garbage bag. I knot off the end and then cut off the excess. Then I fluff up the tip at the knot so it looks like a little carnation. This way I know if my shipment gets exposed to moisture the baby is in a water-proof bag.