Tiny neck hole on Stoette head

Ok this is my first doll not A BB .Akina by Adrian Stoete The hole in the neck is the size of a quarter.How do you get the eyes in?
will it change anything on putting the body on later if i make it larger? just wonder what purpose so tiny.?

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If I knew I would tell ya! LOL

I have 2 with small neck openings also… one with open eyes… and I dont know how I am going to get it either.

Im afraid to cut it bigger find out later i goofed!

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You can cut the hole bigger. It helps to put something round and flat on the neck opening and trace around it as a guide.

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I thought about hemostats with eye postioning but idk how anyone does that…i have to push so hard to get them in place cant see a hemostat working for me…im using all my strength as is each time.

Well im back … i did get the eyes in .This Akina had cut out holes already in the head i have big hands but could get 1 finger in and luckily up to the eye so just pushed them in with some manuvering. If you have short fingers may not work .My large man hands finally came in useful! lol.

.Her head …dont have limbs or body. …all i bought so far.But shes going to be my own . …for a while anyway so take my time .4 heads to root ahead of her …at least… but im anxious!!

Lip color may need tweeking


I’m useless I have really short fingers makes it near impossible getting the eyes in with a big opening :frowning:

I had a tiny head like that and what I did was mixed a few drops of water with my modge podge to make it move a little better, I poured it into the head and twirled it around to make sure it was all coated on the inside. I then set the head right side up on a few water bottle tops to let the excess glue run out then sat the head in front of the fan over night to let the remaining glue dry. I ended up putting the eyes through the front while the head was warm , but i have already cut into the eye flaps inside of the head so glue ran out of them onto the dolls face lol. I was able to get it off without damaging the paint thank goodness, but if you decide to try this glue method don’t cut the eyes out first lol.

I just had the same problem with the Luna kit by Olga Auer and got a great tip from my friend Emily. Just warm the head a bit and using an exacto knife _carefully and slowly _as if you were peeling an apple, enlarge the hole. It worked like a charm. GO SLOW.