Time for a vote

Please help me…
A) Is this a boy or a girl?
B) Suggest a NAME

Wow -this one really could go either way -maybe do pics as both and let the new mommy choose ?-PS baby looks great !!!

Thanks Cher ! You really havent helped! LOL The whole time I was working on IT, I saw girl. As soon as I started taking pics, I saw boy. OH my. what to do. I need a name for IT. Jean? Pat? Tracy? Jamie?

Definitely a boy for me, thats what vibe I’m getting. And for some reason as soon as I saw him I thought the name “edmond” so like eddie perhaps.? thats just what popped into my head lol

Has anyone ever just tried to sell a baby as a baby and not specify which gender it is? I am seriously considering just taking pics in yellow and naming it Jamie. And not using he or she in any despcription.

I actually did a baby where the buyer picked which gender. I went fine. It was sort of fun doing both. I see girl in your Paisley and I thought of Corrina. She is well done. Let us know what you decide.

I see a boy - Robbie.


i see boy…joesph…joey

He looks like a cool dude- maybe Cole or Caleb?

I think I’m set on ambiguous Jamie. Here is the new photo shoot of the precious little baby:

Gender neutral Jamie is very cute! I see both a girl and a boy in that serious little face.

My gender neutral, ambiguous Jamie is quickly becoming baby boy Jamie. HE is growing on me.

Thanks everone for your input, I appreciate it alot!!

I see a boy. Maybe Andrew but I do like Ethan also.

I see a handsome little boy. I like the name Duane

I see all Boy!!!

Oh Dear that little baby is going to have problems when it grows up LOL

I am leaning towards a boy also and as I have a son named Jamie (James AAron ) I love the name too!!!Was that any help???LOL

I too have a brother named Jamie (James Robert) in elementary school he decided he didnt want to be Jamie anymore and he changed his name to Jesse. Jesse Peridot to be precise. (Peridot was his birthstone !!) It was only a assing phase. He was so adorable as a small child. He was only in first grade when he declared he was going to grow up to be a palientologist !! Apparently I cant even spell that! LOL I sure do miss him. He passed away in a car accident 6 years ago at the age of 24. Very sad. But we like to think he isn’t really in Heaven, but out in Montana living his dream.
Oh goodness, I am so sorry for babbling.
I did make Jamie, be a boy and advertised him as a boy. Thank you everyone for your input !!

Jamie is made from the Paisley sculpt.
Thank you for your sympathy, and I return it as well. It helps the sadness go away some when you think of all the good memories. Just remembering what a great kid he was makes me happy.

Jamie, looks just like my BFF’s little boy. His name is kaden but he has pale blonde hair