Throwing out limbs

Do any of you just throw out limbs that you know you won’t use again? I’m cleaning up and tired of any clutter.

I would be more than happy to take your clutter! I am new to this, and would love anything!

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Do you have any realborn limbs for a 20" baby?

Okay, I’ll keep ya’ll in mind. I need to keep organizing. There are kits that I just want to do cuddle babies with.

I would be happy to take 19"-20" limbs.

I’ll take any!

I keep them. Sometimes I want to replace limbs on a kit or order a head for a cuddle baby and change my mind.

I got a stain on my Katie Marie’s arms and I was thinking about throwing them out

This girl!

I think I still have the legs too

do you have any larger baby limbs? 20-23 in?

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I’m enjoying this hobby so much, making pale limbs come to life! It would be good practice!

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One of the legs needs to be stripped because I had painted it, but after the arm got stained, I decided to make her a cuddle baby instead. The limbs are big, for a 28" toddler. They’re made of very soft vinyl

I have plenty of Windsor!


Are you looking to purchase an extra limb set?

You are just an amazing person! I had to giggle at your responses. I’m glad you’re liking this so much!

Would any of those limbs be silicone? It’s a long shot to think someone would skip silicone limbs or throw them away, but ya never know.

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What do you mean by this?

You’re eagerness to reborn. I love it!

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Lol yes, but I meant to Lovely, what she said. I’m surprised at how much I enjoy it! I am getting some new colors in soon, so that will add to my mottling colors. So far, there is not a part of the process I dont like. Mind you, I have not made it to the eyebrows or hair. I AM dreading it lol but hoping I do okay!

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This forum gets me all mixed up. I forget to look at the reply to thinger on the right…:woman_facepalming: