Three New Prototypes: Joseph, Cupcake, and Maggie -- Available NOW on eBay!

Hi Everyone,

We have three new prototypes available on eBay now!

Realborn® Joseph, beautifully reborned by Jacqueline Kramer.

Our first Cupcake prototype, a fairy sculpted by Denise Pratt, and beautifully reborned by Evon Nather.

Maggie, sculpted by Cindy Musgrove, and beautifully reborned by Bianca Franke.

All three of these adorable dolls are featured on our website at:

Realborn® Joseph

Cupcake, by Denise Pratt

Maggie, by Cindy Musgrove


Bountiful Baby


Awe! I love Cupcake! :heart_eyes:

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Oh my gosh CUPCAKE!! she’s to die for!

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