This is why I reborn

I’ve received quite a few positive feedbacks but this is my very favorite. One of my babies, Kammie, was adopted by the mother of a 10 year old girl who had just been diagnosed with a chronic illness. The little girl loves her baby and asked her mother if she could ask Santa to bring her another one for Christmas. It was an international custom order and there wasn’t anywhere near enough time to make it and get it there before Christmas. So I told her mom to tell her she didn’t know if Santa’s elves know how to make reborns and that after Christmas she could choose whatever kit she wanted and I’d make it for her. She chose BB Lillian and named her Kimberly. I got the kit and was ready to start it when my sister had surgery with multiple complications and I had to be with her for 5 weeks. I took the kit and my supplies with me but there was just no time to work on it. These people were incredibly patient and understanding, asking frequently how my sister was doing. Her mom and I had many e-mail conversations and I really felt like I got to know their family and they mine. It became much more than a custom doll order. I made a surprise micro preemie for the little girl and sent it with her order along with a picture of myself with my 92 year old neighbor that she had requested. This is the beautiful response I received from her mom. It touched my heart and made me cry. I’ve *** out the little girl’s full name so as not to breach any privacy but these are her mother’s actual words to me.

Hi Jean
How are you? We are very happy because Kim arrived to the customs office and S**** and my husband went for her. She is already at home!!! S**** can’t be happier! She was very surprised when she finally saw Kim! It is exactly as she wanted her. She was more than excited!!! But she never expected to receive a surprise, she could even less believe that the surprise was another Little baby! Cassey is from another world! So tiny! I can not describe to you her happiness and joy, Jean. She said: it is the best day of my life, besides the day I received Kammie! She is more than thankful with you for Kim, for all the clothes and accessories she brought, and even more about Cassey! She was completely blown away with both of them. She was also very happy to “meet” you, she told me: “she looks in the picture exactly as the kind woman she is, Mom.” She melted my heart. And she says your friend is also cute! I also have to thank you for the delicious soap petals you sent me, you did not have to, but I love them! Thank you very much.
Thank you for all your attentions to us, for being so kind with us, and for making true my baby’s dream! There has been a rough time for her lately and you gave her so much happiness in one day, I can’t thank you enough for that.
God bless you Jean!!! A very big hug for you from the four of us, specially S****!!! You are her heroe!

So, this is why I reborn. I really feel like I touched their lives. I know they touched mine.


Awe, thats beautiful. Keep that response and pull it out whenever you get a bad or annoying customer. The good ones far outweigh the bad and this is a really good one :wink:


I agree completely that this is what we all want to do this for.It makes my heart happy that you have made this little one so very happy.


I love this.

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Don’t you love to hear how happy it makes them to receive a baby you have put your heart into.
I know emails like that sure remind me why I enjoy it.

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Such a beautiful story! Definitely save it somewhere for when you’re having a bad day.

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How beautiful, what a wonderful relationship you have built!

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I want to express myself, but I don’t find the words. How awesome. I am happy that you blessed that little girl. So sweet of you, and yet I know you did not do it to be sweet. You did it out of your heart. May God always bless you for blessing others.

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That is so wonderful!!! If only all customers were like this family!!! :smiley: :heart:

Jean, that is just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! Reborning is about so much more than dolls. I think we tend to forget that sometimes when we’re in the zone, working away, trying to finish a baby…this brings everything back into focus. I’m so glad you shared with us. Thank you :heart:

What a wonderful thank you! That young lady will never forget what you did for her! :grinning::grin:

What an awesome and memorable story. I’m sure that little girl will never forget you or her babies. Have you heard from them since the delivery. I wonder how she is doing?

I have. She’s doing well. Her medical condition is manageable and she takes care of it herself for the most part.