This is weird

I’m rooting with some Silk Effex hair for the first time. What’s weird is that in the bundle it feels very soft and silky. When it’s rooted it feels coarse to touch. Any ideas why that would be?


Is the hair going the wrong way when its rooted? I notice if i root the hair with the strands going the wrong way it feels rough

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This is my experience most of the time. This is why I also so slow with rooting - I am rejecting a lot as I go and I usually use 20 - 50% of a bunch, the rest is rejected as I am picky what goes on the head. Even to the point that I’ll pull the each single rooted hair if I don’t like it and replace it with another
This just example of it what I am doing now - it looks beautiful, but unfortunately 80% of it were unusable if you want a pretty results. The hair is absolutely beautiful in a bunch.


No, it’s going the right direction unless it was bundled upside down and I don’t think it was. I’m using a single barb needle.

She sells yearling and fine adult. I think both are lovely. I don’t really notice that it feels coarse?