This is NOT a good experience

I bought 2 kits from MacPherson’s the other day. Now they are demanding payment, but will not tell me how much is the postage going to be. They will only tell me after I pay for the kits! I estimated weight of 2 kits plus box and looked at Canada Post website and it can be anything from $25 to almost $200. I am not paying for the kits unless I know what the postage is. And now I realised that the PP payment demand is in US dollars, which means that my $130 purchase is actually $189.618 Australian. Why does Canadian store have their prices in US$? There is nowhere that I can see saying it is US$. Canadian dollar is just about the same (give or take few cents), so I thought I got 2 kits for $133.
I can see this not ending well. Never mind, but I am never going to be dealing with this company again. :frowning:


Because now the CAN dollar exchange is very bad . 1 CAD = 1.36 USA dollars…
they had explained somewhere earlier. I am in Canada and we pay same USA dollars for Machpersons. Call them on the 1 800 number and ask them about shipping fee…they are really nice .

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yes, i know the exchange rate, but I thought that buying from Canada means the price is in Canadian dollars. Many companies not in US do price their items in US$, but then the price says US$, not just $.

I have asked them 2x for cost of shipping and the answer is, when you pay we will tell you LOL. That is unethical; they should not be asking people to commit to buy something without knowing the full cost upfront. :frowning:


I agree 100% with you!!! And that is why i decided not to buy airdry paints from them. When i saw i needed to pay for the order first and then they were to invoice for shipping i was like no way!!!

I am not 100% sure but it may have to do with tax - income verses cost…When it is billed together is has to be claimed as income because Paypal does not separate that…I know when I turn in my figures I have to include all my postal receipts to claim cost (I normally change a standard $25 shipping within Australia though most always it cost me more)…Paypal does not differentiate between shipping cost and income from your sale…just reports it as income so it is up to the seller to separate it how it is more easily tracked…that may be why they bill separate…Might make it easier for their accountant when figuring cost verses income. I know I have bought kits from several others in the USA and they do the same…Jorja Pigott for example bills hers separate as well…though if I remember correctly, she does let you know how much before you commit to buy…

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I remember seeing this on their website:

Also, if you look towards the bottom of the page where the pink box is with the #, they have it stated that all prices are in US dollars. I noticed this there last time I placed an order.

That is all very well, but customers should not have to search for such an info. They seem to have a lot of stuff to sell, I would have expected them to be bit professional.

Starr I would not mind to be billed separately, although,I cannot see the point; the invoice clearly shows what is sale price and what is the shipping cost… But I object to be expected to commit to buy without knowing how much the postage will be, considering that it could be close to $200. It might be different for people withing US as the postage is not very much (comparing to what it costs to send to Australia),

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OK, I see one reason why they would want to have separate payments, because purchase is in US$ and shipping in Canadian $. It could get messy.

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My mum went there last week! She is Australian and wanted to see this store in action while on holidays. Since yes in the past it has taken months to get items I had never bought from them again. But the lady was really nice and chatted to my mum about dolls for ages. Although the doll I wanted she didn’t have in stock (even though on website it is still in stock) I think my mum said (Skype was playing up) that her husband has dementia so is very behind in orders?? I’m pretty sure she said that.


That’s pretty cool going to Canada! Hope she had a great time travelling… My parents lived in Calais Maine for about 11 years and use to go back and forth over the border but I have never been to Canada though I know there is some really beautiful country there…

Absolutely know what you mean…and with our dollar so low it is pretty frightful when you look at the ‘bottom line’ …I placed an order with one American Supplier for $191.80us and by the time they added shipping and conversion it was $372 and some change…Fortunately, it was about what I expected and with the sale prices, etc it still came out cheaper than it would have cost to get the same kits in Oz (The kits sell in oz for $120 + postage each and I got 5 so was still a savings for me…)


they may require to see your order to determine shipping because of the weight box size etc… but they are sending out many boxes true a day, week…so they possible could tell an estimate …or giving the opportunity to cancel the order if you think the shipping not wort it at all.
I am sorry it is happening for you.


Well, I am not paying. I bought 2 kits with bodies for $133 and got an invoice for $189 plus they wont tell me the postage cost?

I decided to get Meiki instead, emailed Gudrun, all the costs are on her website, got invoice for the deposit immediately, paid and now wait for her release. :smile:

I am sorry if the nice people in MacPhersons have problems coping, but 1/2 of their problems are totally self inflicted. I am sure I am not the only one who expects that Canadian business will have their prices in cnd$ (unless clearly indicated on each price or at least page). As far as the postage goes, they should know how much the kits weigh, and how much their boxes weigh, and should be able to give correct postage quote within minutes with help of the Canadian Post website.