Hi all,
I hope everyone is well!
I am in Uk and urgently need bob Ross paint thinner and can’t get it Anywhere!
Has anyone tried any other Odourless thinner?

I have used the Mona Lisa thinner, as well as the Bob Ross. I didn’t notice a difference between the 2. Now I only use Gamsol, it’s safer and I find it works better. :slightly_smiling_face:

Same as @Babies, though I’ve never tried Bob Ross

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I use Gamsol…I think they are pretty much the same!!!

I am new to this hobby. I am using Bob Ross instead of Monalisa paint thinner just because a renown artist that I follow Kim from “” said that, in her experience, Bob Ross thinner keep the paint from drying too fast, giving you more time to work with it. Something that I have notice myself.

Why would one need to consider the paint drying too fast when you have to bake them to set them? I am guessing you must use some other type paint than air dry, which would have the drying to be considered. If I misread, please forgive. :slight_smile:

I use GHSP. She refers to the Monaliza thinner evaporating faster than Bob Ross while you are working. I notice I needed to add more thinner to my mix between limbs, something that I didn’t needed to do when using BobRoss paint thinner. ( just convinience ).

Oh, I see. Thanks for telling me this. :slight_smile: I have watched her videos, but I have never used GHS. But, I can understand now what you mean – about it flashing off too soon.

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