Thinners and such

I started out with the Luminaire paint and was very happy with it I used whatever they said to use. Then… I tried the primary method, which I love. I have one question. It seems that so many things make the kits sticky that I am afraid to use them mixed in my paint. Is there a reason I need the slow dry or thinners? I have painted 2 babies without anything except for paint mixed with water and then I seal it, of course. I also still prep the kit with the Luminaire prep. Don’t throw tomatoes at me. I am learning. lol


The slow dry is just that…when added to the air dry paint it keeps the paint from drying too fast. And if you are using air dry paint i believe distilled water is the only thing you should need to thin down the paint.

I only use distilled water. I just didn’t want to miss some important adhering process or something. The paint looks great without anything in it but…that is just my opinion. Thanks!

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As long as your paint isnt rubbing off and you like the outcome…i say just keep doing what you are doing :smiley:


You may have said in another thread, but are you using something other than Luminaire for the primary method?

Actually I am using Daler Rowney acrylic paints( It is what was on hand here at the house). Lots of people use Liquitex and I have heard good things about them. The Luminaire are a premixed paint so I think they have some type of medium in them already.