Thinking of starting a blog

There really aren’t a lot of reborn type blogs out there. I’m just afraid I’ll run out of stuff to blog about. If there was a reborn blog out there what kind of topics would people like to see covered?

I personally like things like technique sharing with a lot of pictures. Work in progress pictures, pictures of finished babies…
Guess I like pictures, haha. :sweat_smile:


I was thinking of that. And easy collectors type stuff. Maybe a weighing tutorial and stuff like that. Things collectors should know so they don’t have to ask their artist to do simple stuff.

That’s a good one. Perhaps something like adding or reversing a magnet? That seems to be a common thing people ask for.
Or replacing a body. Or simply how to take care of the doll, like mohair care, how to clean it, things like that.


Demo of neutralizing colors, after they’ve been painted, with washes

Interesting ideas. Thanks, ladies. :0)

Are you talking about when you’re done painting, of the baby is too red or something, how to neutralize it with washes?

Yes, and which colors neutralize what.

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The most important first supplies to get like which colour paints and brushes. I’m new to reborning and spent my money on 5 kits all athe once, sizes newborn to toddler (well I wanted them as models for my baby clothes), some paints, mohair and human hair for the toddler. As I watch and read some tutorials and get advice on here I happen to need more paint colours. I am unable to complete my first babies because I need more money. Oh and the amount of mediums and how they are used. I ran out of the small thinning medium I bought. As well as what to use for tears, nail gloss, etc.

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You should keep an updated list of new kits and when they come out and the best sites to get kits and stuff from. And I like all the other ideas too. Post a link if you do make a blog so we can check it out. :slight_smile:

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I’ll do that. :0) I’ve gotta think of a name too.