Thermometer for nuwave

my nuwave came today! I am wider get what kind of thermometer you ladies use inside? Where do you put it? Hanging from the top? I bought mine on eBay… It didn’t come with a Manual and it’s a bit dirty inside but it works! I am trying to flip channels to find an Infomerticial to see how to use it, I think I put it together right! Lol

Do I leave the metal rack in the bottom? And put in a white towel? I just did a test on power level 6- perfect! It smelled slit though— and I don’t have anything in it.

Definitely take the rack out and line it with the cloth diapers when you get them.

Is this ok? This is hubby’s t shirt and olld temp gauge. I will go to Walmart soon! But is this ok for now?

Don’t put the thermometer right next to the glass it may throw off the reading. I always test mine in the middle of the oven! That is usually where I put the head. Did you get the extender ring with it?

Yes!!! The extender ring is on:-)

I think that’s the extender ring in the pic. The shirt is fine for now. That’s usually where I put the thermometer so it doesn’t touch the parts.

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Oh maybe so. I have the Ewave and mine has a bottom and a glass bowl and a metal ring. My bad! I never put mine right next to the glass but I guess I don’t put everything in at the same time. Guess everyone does it different.

The NuWave is thick plastic, no glass.

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Nikki. You made him pay for it and now you’re cooking his clothes? Wonder what he’ll say about that.


I am hoping to get to Walmart before he notices his clothes! :grin::flushed: I’m a crappy wife. :smiling_imp:



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I’m bumping this! My Nuwave seems to not hold the temperature like it used to. I bought the oven thermometer from BB, and it is useless. I have been looking on places like Amazon, and haven’t found one with great ratings. What is your go-to thermometer that you can always count on?

I used ths thermometer from BB in mine and it worked fine - I didn’t melt anything so I guess it was good - I used the power level 7 and it got to about 275 according to this thermometer

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