The slump is definately over!

Yesterday I sold Petra Naomi and today I sold August River on AND best of all, I sold August to a return customer! I love return customers because you already know they like your work and think it’s worth the money. Anyway, after selling nothing for a month, I sold two in two days! Yee Ha-a-a!!!


Wooooo party!! :tada::tada::confetti_ball::tada::tanabata_tree::gift::balloon::confetti_ball::tada:

That’s so wonderful Helen!!! I loved your little August!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Wonderful…!!..feels great doesn’ ?? :smile: …!! CONGRATULATIONS…

Woo hoo for you, Helen!

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FANTASTIC!!! :confetti_ball:

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YAY Helen! :dancers: :wine_glass: :stars:

YAY!!! So HAPPY for you Helen!!! :thumbsup:

Woo hoo!!! Congratulations, Helen!!!

WOW,2 in 2 days that must be some kind of record !!! Congratulations Helen !!

Yea!!,!! Congrats!

Wha Hoo Helen, how great is that, happy for you.

Of course I’ve spent half of the money I made. I caught a Carter’s sale at Fred Meyers, and then, since I sold my Phoenix, I had to have a Cassie Brace doll to work on so I bought Zachary! Yipes. Easy come, easy go, right?


Fantastic…yay for dolly dollars! Good job Helen!

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Congratulations !! That’s awesome for you .

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Helen, you have done some great dolls are you taking one to the ROSE show next year? Which one?

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I’ll probably bring a doll, but I have no idea which one. It’ll probably be a new one because I have sold all but one of the dolls I currently have. I’m kinda shy about bringing one with me. Is it okay to carry one around and to offer business cards to people at the show? Some doll shows were picky about this when I was doing porcelains. It would be fun to have a really cute one with me. I might have to make someone special just for the show. I am missing my little Phoenix even though I haven’t even sent him off yet. Maybe I’ll try and snag another Phoenix to do to accompany me to ROSE.


I’ll be bringing one but I don’t know which one, yet. If you’re flying expect delays at the security checkpoint. When I took one to Portland, I put it in a baby carrier because it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase. The people in line behind me were shocked when I took it out and put it in the bin. They scanned it, strip searched it and swabbed it with some kind of clear solution. When I took one to Massachusetts I put it in a cloth shopping bag and went right through. Go figure.


Has anyone traveled (via airlines) with a doll that had steel pellets in it? I’ve heard a story that someone had a doll cut open because of that. Not sure to believe it or not.

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I wouldn’t risk that one. They might think they’re bullets or something. Some TSA agents are kind of paranoid. Others are oblivious and you never know who you’ll get.

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