The Next Challenge Baby, If not Dumplin?

What sculpt is going to be the next Challenge Baby if in fact it is not Dumplin?

It will be Dumplin :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks! I didn’t realize that it was a definite. Now I can plan ahead!

No problem :slight_smile: I’m in charge of the challenge this time,So if you have any more questions you can ask me or you can ask on the forum

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I think the next challenge after Dumplin should be a Spooky Challenge for Halloween, were each person chooses their own sculpt and decorates the baby for Halloween by either a costume or by making the baby an Avatar,Goblin, Ghost, Vampire, Zombie, or anything that relates to Halloween. I told my boys that I would let them each make a Monster baby for Halloween.


I love this idea! I am def in on this one Halloween is my favorite!