The new Rubert Prototypes are adorable!

Hey BB, are these made from some of the molds you recently bought or were they recently newly sculpted? They are precious! … 0656851870 … 0656900392 … 0656809832

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They are cute just noticed the stubby short fingers what do you think of them?

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I didn’t think they looked that way but even so it works for them because they have chubby little arms and hands. Chubby baby hands often do look like the fingers are a bit stubby.

Maybe if you put a larger body on it and make it a 22" or 23" baby it would look okay?

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I think they are cute but they are preemie to newborn size
and their face and limbs is to old and to chubby to be a newborn.
I wish they were the size of a 4-6 mon.old like they look to be.

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I didn’t notice that til you pointed it out. That is disappointing because those faces are definitely the faces of larger/older babies.

I was honored by Donna to do two of these prototypes…hope to have them up this weekend.
Donna said she wanted these sculpts to look like older babies…I pointed out the size difference. I think she is used to the doll world where you could make any ‘age’ doll but make them all the same size maybe? at any rate…they have WONDERFUL personalities…and big innocent eyes.I think they will really appeal to the ‘pretty baby’ collector (like Luca has). They were really fun to work with!

funny you should mention that! she asked me what reborners want these days and I sent Natalie’s website to her!

would appreicate you all putting us in your watch list on ebay…we need the exposure!