The head has a body now

Sooooo…yesterday I took a head in a bag to our Tampa Dolly Day because I didn’t have Anna quite finished. :smile:

She’s all done now and ready for an official photo shoot. Once again, I followed Carrie’s instructions on how to achieve the skin tones. I may NEVER paint a Caucasian baby again; I am in love with this palette of color! I know I need to work on the nails, mine are too white, so I have to deal with that. Here’s a quickie collage so @snuggle2me Carrie can see how she looks with a body:


So Pretty!

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Oh wow that is a nice skin tone! Beautiful!

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One more quickie:


Very sweet Karen…!!

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She looks beautiful Karen, I don’t understand----if you didn’t "paint’ her—what did you do?? She looks like you painted her???

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I definitely painted her, using Genesis. I just meant I might not ever paint another Caucasian baby since I love doing this color palette so much now ~ honestly, the skin tones just seem so alive! It’s all new to me again! I think I was stuck in a rut, and @snuggle2me Carrie helped me out of it; made me see things in a whole new way. :relaxed:



Karen, are you doing the red, blue, yellow thing? She is lovely, nice and warm. I haven’t done that style of painting but if that’s what you’re doing I may have to try it.

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Yes, @lynn, I start out with the red, yellow, and blue washes like normal, and then comes the burnt umber washes mixed with blue ~ so the whole thing doesn’t turn orange! YIKES! I did 3 of those washes to achieve this skin tone. The mottling layers are exactly the same as usual. I’m just so excited to be trying something new and different!


I want to try new things but am always afraid that I’ll just wind up with a mess and I HATE to strip!!! Maybe one of these days I’ll try different stuff that you all are always talking about. Just gotta get some confidence up, I guess. Anyway your baby is beautiful!!

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@lynn, I know what you mean. I decided to jump in an TRY and if it didn’t work, I didn’t have a boatload invested because they were sale kits and would just trash it ~ seriously ~ I HATE stripping, UGH. I’d rather throw a head in the trash than go after it with stripper. I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be, but I truly feel like I just might get the look I want at some point, and I’d never have known if I hadn’t tried. :slight_smile:


I know how you felt—maybe I’ll get out of my comfort zone and give these different tips a try that I’m always reading about!!


She’s beautiful :heart:


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Thank you, Sam, @SilentSleepers!

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Great job Karen. I love it.

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Awe… She is gorgeous! Wonderful skintone!


She’s a beauty!!!

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Awwwwwwww, she is such a little sweetie.

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