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So after having bought two of Lara’s ebooks (Beautiful Doll and Older Babies) and after having lots of wonderful people sell me wonderfully priced kits, parts of kits, share their paints with me, and process some hair that’s going to be beyond GORGEOUS, (once rooted), I can NOT believe the difference in my dolls!!! I’m working on the Cookie head (I so desperately needed), and one of you wonderful ladies came through, and Lady Bug at the moment, and I’m halfway through mixing my own colors (according to Lara’s tutorial mostly but somewhat using my own descretion) and using the older dolls tutorial for the first time, and from the mottling to the veins, I am in awe of how beautiful they are turning out!!! So I had to make this post to say 1. if you’re on the fence about whether or not to get any (or all) of Lara’s ebooks…DO IT!! Reborners, I don’t think could EVER know everything about the craft, and I’ve found a wealth of information in the two I have so far. And 2. A big thank you, to the ladies on this site, for being so lovely and helpful, as always, when I need something (and can’t find it or afford it, lol) You guys are the best!!
ps I know my grammar is atrocious in this post :confused: but I’m tired, lol and wanted to post this before I forgot again

Awesome!! So happy that you are happy! That makes.me.happy!
I love the Cookie sculpt and.cant wait to see yours

Could not agree more!
Lara’s Ebooks are Fab! and having just taken a CORA class which is a lot different in nature than Lara’s online classes, I feel that my skills have really begun to broaden a lot.
Amazing the difference between my first baby and my last…just wish the rooting would take off like the painting did! LOL

I love Laura’s books.