Test head jackpot!

I just picked up my test heads. For sleeping babies I got Lavender and FOUR Darrens! :open_mouth::grinning:
Awake babies aren’t as great. But they are still cute. I got Tayla, Clair, Emma, and I think Candy.
A couple of the Darrens had some dirty smudges on the back of their head. But they wiped right off just with my finger. One Darren has a tiny rough spot on his eyelid. But it looks fixable. Lavender has a black dot on the top of her head, easily disguisable, it can be covered with hair. The Awake babies just have random greasy smudges that should wash right off.
I was really hoping for a 3 month Joseph head, so if anyone gets one and wants to trade for a Darren head, let me know. :wink:


Wow!! :star_struck:

If you want to sell one of the Darren heads, I would be interested.

Same here! If you decide to sell any Darren’s let me know!

I would also be interested in Darren if you decide to sell :slight_smile:

Why does that last Darren head on the right look bigger? Is it the angle of the camera?

He’s closer to the camera. I noticed that after I took the pic. But I didn’t want to take the time to retake the picture. :wink:

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I might want to sell a Darren head at some point. I just cleaned one to start on a cuddle baby. I’m setting another one aside for @Ledbetterlittles because she has given me so many good deals on baby clothes and accessories. And I’m hoping someone gets a giant Joe head that they want to trade. :wink:


Oh I so hope I get a giant Joe head…I would love to have Darren and would definitely trade. :wink:


Wow I am so so green with envy right now!!!

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That pucker is similar. But I think Lavender has a bigger head. I’ll compare them when I get home in a few minutes.

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How much do test heads cost when you are fortunate enough to snag one?

:open_mouth: sooo lucky!!!

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$3.95. :grinning:

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Wow think I need to get on the ball!

Omg…I got 2 big Joes! Lets trade! :wink:


Really?!?! That’s so exciting! Let’s trade. Message me. :slight_smile:


How much to ship a Darren?

I’m already trading one with Phassel for one of her Joseph heads. The others I already have plans for. :wink:

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Oh OK. Thanks for letting me know.