Tell us about your Rose 2018 experience

Everyone that went to the Rose show please share with us what you bought or sold.


Following. I want to know too since I will be going next year. I can’t wait to meet everyone. :slight_smile:

I posted a little on Jeepers post but in case it was missed

I had a booth (my first time as a vendor anywhere!)
I sold 13 of 17 reborns and some pacifier clips

Here is my group of babies I took

Here is my booth

And before taking down after it was over

I didnt take many pictures :frowning: I got an Adalyn kit and other goodies in my vendor bag and won Lavender on the spinning wheel.


Omg your booth is so pretty! Are you planning on going next year? If you are I’m adopting every single doll I see so you will probably see someone with like 200 dolls Idk. Haha kidding I only wish. So many cute dolls!!



Jenni how did you take payments at your booth? If you don’t mind me asking that is. How did those wire rack things work out for you as far as displaying your dolls? Did you prefer those as oppose to the back table where you have your dolls laid out on the table? Any tips for being a vendor?


My biggest mistake was using paypal’s free card reader! :frowning: It holds funds over $600 within a week… soooo most of my sales I can not touch. It is withheld with a release date next MONTH!

But the customer service person told us that it would do that a few weeks prior and I had bought a swipe/chip reader but it wasnt charged so I just used the free device and totally forgot about it. It was reading the cards perfectly and I didnt even think twice. All my payments say complete… but withheld. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The racks were nice so I could hang the pacifiers and signs on it, as well as the plants… but they are a Pain in the ___ to assemble and get them to stay assembled well. Maybe I need a hammer… lol (other vendors stack them and have 1 or 2 babies in them… maybe their’s are zip tied together?)

I liked the back table set up better but there was no rack/hanging area. The back one is just $5 plastic kid chairs… I think we talked about them on the forum before… maybe not. They are sold at Walmart around Christmas… I bought 5 for my kids. And then they are on top of Dollar Tree floatie rings so they dont tip, then covered with sheets…
The little white bowl in the stand is where I had my business cards.

I also bought a Square card reader… but didnt use it. But think I will next time. Melanie used it and liked it.


This is the most amazing thread. So much good information for new vendors next year. Would love to hear some stuff from buyers about what they liked about vendors and the show and maybe things that could be improved on…anything.


Very nice thank you for sharing. I’m happy for you that you did so well.



My question is to any vendor not from the US. How did you get your stuff to Utah and was there any type of goods sales/income you had to claim when crossing the border?
@jlesser were the table clothes provided or were they bare tables and you were responsible for covering them?

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The provide 1 table and 1 table cloth (black)

(I drive from Idaho and brought my own tables, etc)

This is amazing info Jenni! Thank you. Sorry to hear about the freeze on the funds. That’s so frustrating.

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Your babies were beautiful! I m so glad you did so well :slight_smile: someday I hope to make one of these shows :blush:

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I wish I could’ve gone! It was so fun last year.

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I had not been back to ROSE since it was last held in Denver so I was really excited to go this year. I was not a vendor but instead had the freedom to stroll around and get to see all of the tables and booths many times… it’s funny because every time I made the rounds, I saw something I had not seen previously. I also made sure to purchase the Combo Pass early on so I could attend all of the activities. They were all so much fun and I’m so glad I went to all of them! I even won the one $100 bill at the Ice Cream Party when the babies came around giving out random bills from the biggest ice cream cones I have ever seen!

I also signed up and took Susan Gibbs silicone painting class which was fantastic! Susan is an amazing teacher and our little full body silicone baby is beyond precious! My thanks to Elsie Rodriguez for sculpting Baby Ricardo specifically for our class - this sweet baby is absolutely adorable!

Bountiful Baby did a fantastic job of putting this together… the decorations were gorgeous and everyone was so nice!

I am so sad that I won’t be able to attend next year as we already have a trip to Europe planned for next summer. However, if at all possible… y’all should try to go - you won’t regret it!


I missed meeting you :frowning:
I heard your name called but never got a chance to say hi. I got a $5 during that game. Congrats on the grand prize! :slight_smile:

ROSE was awesome to say the least. There were so many vendors there this year and everyone seemed to be selling their babies very well. It is always so much fun. I had a blast reconnecting with our “group” and even had the opportunity to “meet” ladies from another “group” that I had not previously met. They were so awesome and I felt like I had known them forever instead of just meeting them. I spent way too much money on beautiful knit outfits from Jackie Kramer and lots of odds and ends that I thought I couldn’t live without!! I have no idea whether or not I will go next year but if it’s possible I would sure like too. The show is very well put together and seems to be growing with each passing year. My recommendation for anyone on the “fence” is: If you can manage to GO, Do It!! It’s so worth it, you will love the whole experience of being with so many wonderful people who are of the same mindset, it’s AWESOME!!

p.s. I didn’t buy any babies but I sure had a great time looking at them!!


I bought Landon asleep completed from barb Michael at sweet baboo nursery , then two kits: Aria asleep from bountiful baby and Bonnie brown’s tink.
I am a new fan of barb Michael’s work. Absolutely beautiful. was so excited and so running on adrenaline for 3+ days , when I got home I crashed! Could not hold my eyes open. I honestly felt like a kid at Christmas for 3+ solid days and nights. I will definitely go back. I was so excited, I was waking up at 6 am every morning!! I’m going to pre plan so I can also hit ID&TS next year.

I won a bag of angel silk from spin the wheel and it Is the softest poly fill I have ever touched. Like a bag of silk fluff