Teeth holes in part

Maybe someone has a better suggestion
.I have a few teeth holes and a small tear in a back platei ordered.

Relieve mail man put it up on my side porch where my dog goes out.He tore the box to bits but luckily it was the only part harmed .I have a hand held spit baker i never use because i almost melted a facce once Maybe i need a little melting here … or???

Oh, no!! What part of the plate is that? Can you afford to lose that corner and just trim it off? You’d had to do it to both sides so they match.

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Feel it with Matt varnish and bake and bake .

Its by the neck the piece that goes on the shoulder.I guess if it has to have teeth marks thats the best spot!! :grinning:
.Thank you for the help. will do!!