Taming frizzy mohair

I recently got a shipment of mohair that is turning out frizzy when dried on baby. I’ve bought hair at this place and it wasn’t like this. It’s slightly curly when wet but dries to a frizzy mess. I also bought another color for another custom and now am afraid to use it. Is there anything I can use on this hair to calm it down?

I have had the same problem… I am waiting for advice too.

Someone suggested coconut oil. I tried it on one baby and it seemed to work. The hair is softer too. It was a nearly bald blondie though, so I don’t mind a little fuzziness.

Ladies PLEASE Don’t use any oils of any kind - it can make both human hair and acid dyes bleed and leach out of the mohair-The very best thing you can get for Mohair is call Lazer Sheen and is made for show animal coats - it works wonderfully for mohair and is 12 dollars for 32 oz which makes 32 bottles as you use 1 oz to 32 oz water-AND IT SMELLS WONDERFUL !!! I have only used this on my mohair and would never use anything else -If this doesn’t tame that hair then the hair is fried and should be tossed

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This is good to know, where do you get it?? Pet shop? Feed store? or online?

I looked online and it is for horses. Just have to know which product she uses
. I think it probably is the Shine and Detangler

The Shine and Detangler one?

yes That’s it - I know its kinda pricy but will last ya for ever and maybe some can share a bottle and cost

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Going out to buy a bottle now. My dog can get a shiny coat too!!

Does it bleed right away? I use human hair products and it hasn’t bled yet, could it still?

I bought a similar brand and it seemed to help. As a warning it makes floors VERY slippery when it dries. I just about wiped out on my laminate floor.

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Yes it sure does !!! I lay a sheet down when combing out batches of mohair -Estelle85 I don’t use anything other than the Lazersheen - but was told by the maker of the acid Dye s from mohair and wig that all oilbased products can cause bleeding of the dyes and should not be used

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Which Lazersheen is it?

I purchased my bottle of LazerSheen at Tractor Supply.

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Its the Dazzel and detangle one

Thank you

Is the ready to use spray okay to use instead of the concentrate?