Swinging crib/bassinet find

I found the crib/bassinet my mother used for myself(17 and a half yrs ago) and my eldest brother(25 yrs ago) I love this thing! Painted it up and it looks new! All it needs is a liner/mattress.

I love this so much if I ever have kids I will definitely use it for them!


Well I wouldn’t leave them in there I’m talking about for pics, just a photo prop lol

Very nice!!!Whats nice is it was in your family.

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I had one just like that for my boys. It was stained brown. Wish I still had it now. :wink:

Great heirloom cradle. You’re so lucky your mom kept it. Perfect prop.

What a find, Sierra! I have a newer Jenny Lind cradle like that and I love it. I also have a basket identical to the one you have under the cradle. :smile:

I have one that my mom gave me. I know it is old, I just don’t know how old. It is very similar and I can’t wait to fill it with reborns. My daughter was using it for stuffed animals, but it’s empty right now.


Yep it looked just like the brown one in that pic! I do love it. Lots of history in these old cribs. @AmyR777 that basket is great for photo props as well my mom used it for my little sisters newborn pics.

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Yes, I love pics of babies in the basket. :slight_smile:

Cute…love the different colors!

If that is a clothes basket I have it too. My keeper baby stays in it. But I am in search of a cradle just like that! I have my son’s Jenny Lind changing dresser still so I wanted a cradle to match it.

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I totally understand, there are so many things we survived as babies That if they were to happen today… Oh boy we’d be in for it! (I am very thankful for today’s regulations though! Have to keep the little ones safe) I’m definitely not giving up reborning any time soon so who knows, you all might just see those future newborns. Lol