Swap baby crisis

My swap baby is done except for fine details. For some reason that I can’t explain, tiny gray-brown speckles are appearing all over it. It’s not just a couple of random spots. They’re everywhere, like freckles on a redhead. Has anybody evet had this happen? I would post pics but they’re not dark enough for my phone to pick them up. I absolutely cannot send this baby and I really like how it turned out. I contacted Izzy, who contacted my partner. She was kind enough to make some alternate choices of kits that I already have but I feel really bad that she won’t be getting one from her original list.


Was it a seconds kit? The speckles could have been bubbles that popped during baking. I have had speckles or holes form in toes fingers and head. Like tons of them.

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No, I can’t say that I have ever heard of this happening. Following this to see if someone has an answer for you.

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Remember like I originally said. I am not picky. :slight_smile: Just a baby is all I expect. Heck I even like freckles… lol. I have plenty myself.
Try not to stress. I also mentioned that if you need more time than the deadline I am fine with waiting also.


It’s a first quality kit. I use air dry paints so it’s not popped bubbles. There was one dark spot that appeared on the head but. It came off with Windsor & Newton. I don’t know that even stripping it and starting over would work, but I’m afraid to risk it. So, while the rest of you are finishing up, I’m back at square one. But…I WLL BE DONE ON TIME!


Aw man, that is terrible! I’ve never heard of this. I’m interested in seeing if it has happened to anyone else.


After the swap I might strip it and try again but I’ll probably shelve it for awhile because the speckles are multiplying.

Chicken Pox??? :mask:


I’m so sorry this happened to you. So much wasted work… I think the hardest thing about this stuff is not knowing what caused it and how to avoid it in the future.


Since you’re not able to swap her maybe post a picture? Some of the ladies may recognize it if they see it. My only thought would be as someone else said paint spatter or someone spilling it near your doll. I’m so sorry this happened.


Your paint is fresh, isn’t it?


I have read of this happening to someone before. Also that some kits had like hairlike fibers in the vinyl. @lastingmemories Debra Jadick had that problem. So disappointing to have it show up so late in the process!


Awwww so sorry Jean…That is terrible…DOn’t know what it could be either…Only thing that popped in my minds when you said air dry paints was the same as Susan thought…maybe mold… :disappointed:


I don’t know where it would come from unless there are mold spores in the vinyl. The paints are new and they dry way too fast for mold to develop.

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I can only speak of what issues I had with spots. I was doing a Shyann kit and noticed as I was adding more color there was a spot that showed up on her cheek. I thought I had done something wrong and had gotten something on her. I stripped her and started her again. Well the same thing happened in the same place. I checked the inside of the head and found a good size spot on the same place and it appeared to be a bubble that had popped during the manufacturing of the kit. The more I painted to get the skin tone darker the darker the spot got and I can only assume that it was because of the vinyl at that spot was thinner.
Another time I found a really nice set of paint brushes on sale at Michael’s. Well I thought they were nice. I started painting with them and noticed these tiny black spots. I immediately rinsed it off. I looked in my paint mix and found these black things in there. The tips of the bristles on these brushes were black so I picked up another one and brushed on a paper towel. The tips crumbled into small flacks which had contaminated my paint mix.
I have on occasion had a kit that had tiny black spots on them that was imbedded into the vinyl , but there are never more than 2-3 spots on the kit. This has happened after I washed it and before I have added any paint or medium to it. I have heard of this issue before, but I have never heard of what actually caused it.