Summer swap

So I’ve gotten a few thoughts from some of you here is a list of interested or maybe interested. Please fill in my blanks.
lollipop_cradle_ considering allergies to animals and smoke and strong smells
Satinyslike- interested? Allergies
Kerri- Interested?

Little_Ducks_Nursery. Interested!
Anne Interested!
Angfay Interested has animals
Msmimi04 Interested
Lilkidsreborns we will not be starting till June 1 so would you still be interested?
Floridahgul Interested
Heartstringsnursery Interested
ljh65 Interested
Precious Gift Nursery Interested has animals
babymaw Interested but do y’all think I should just be an extra the way Little Leo was I the last swap I have animals but do not smoke or like the smell

Please let me know if you do not have animals or do not smoke as some have already requested no smokeing or animals.

Is there anyone else interested? A number of you want to know your partner ahead of time. I think this could be fun we could use this to get to know some of our dolly friends a little better. At the same time we have to keep in mind your partner does not have to give you everything you ask for. For instance you like only expensive kits she may not have the money for that. Please be kind. It’s been ask that we stick to a set number of outfits-layettes. I’m the worlds worst for over doing. How about no more than 3 outfits? Would that be ok with everyone? If you are still interested please personal message me your name address if you have pets or smoke in your home. Something to help me know if you have a like or expectation. Some of you have done this already that’s great just let me know if your still interested. Some of you more experienced members can tell me if you think this would work or not. I’ve never done this before and do not want to step on toes so please feel free to help. Do y’all even think this is enough?

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When would the deadline be? Is there a size requirement?

I think newborn size is good what do y’all think? I think June the 1st to start but allow plenty of time. I know this stretches it out but it is summer with vacations in mind mine included what about the last of Sept.

Sorry, count me out!

Remember the ROSE show is in July. As much fun as they are I think I’ll have to sit this one out.

I think because of the ROSE show and all the other doll shows happening in the summer, it may be better to do a “Back to School Swap” that the first deadline is in July (end of July) and baby is shipped out by October 1st.

Oh and to tag people. you have to have the @ sign before the name. So, if you wanted to tag me, you would have @(Sydster) without the parenthesis.
@ Sydster (without the space) @Sydster Then the person gets a notification. Otherwise they don’t know that they have been tagged.

I have given my info and still want in. I think it would be cool to know who got us and at the same time it would be fun to not know. Either way has it’s value.

Ok so I guess we wait because we really didn’t have enough to begin with so we really don’t now. Quiet a few people want a Halloween swap we might have to wait till then.


Yes interested!

It might be better for a Halloween swap shipping deadline to be mid October. Vacations, doll shows and back to school all cut into reborning time.


I’m thinking about it. Can we use discontinued BB kits if we have them?


How about a contest of some sort? Maybe a Halloween character contest? I’d love to participate, but I’m not a collector. As amazing as all the dolls are that I’ve seen in the swaps, I’m not sure what I’d do with one I received lol. But I’d participate in a contest, since I could sell the baby afterward (or at least attempt to!)


I would still be interested just let me know the details. The more info I have in regards to start and finishing times the better and I will know how many of my sales babies to start and not to start.

I am back in if we do Halloween!

@babymaw Halloween is just a few weeks later than the Summer Swap was going to be. That would work better for me. I like a surprise so I don’t want to know my person, I also like the freedom of choice for the kits. So a kit that you already have would work. Newborn size is ok. But I think there should be two groups those who would like an Alternative and those that want a Realistic kit in a costume. I am open to what ever your rules would be though.

Non Smoking house but there is one Mini Poodle and one Toy Poodle.

@Bec1273 @babymaw Doing a character contest would be ok too!

I agree the sooner we know info the better!

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A few people have dropped out guess this is a bad time of year for a swap. Maybe we can do it in the fall.

Don’t be discouraged. It doesn’t matter what time of year you do one, there will be people who can’t or prefer not to participate in that particular swap.


The Rose show is July 19-22 in Layton Utah.

Oh and I wanted to respond to this thread that I would be interested in the swap. I have no pets and am sensitive to smoke but ok with dolls who have lived in homes with pets :slight_smile:

@babymaw there is a lot of interest. I think you should move forward with your plans. I know it will be in October but the sooner we know info about it the better!

@Lisa1 Here are two links for you!

Y’all would want to start a swap for Oct now?

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Well yes, kinda, lol! I think (don’t quote me on that) but knowing the rules and if we need to buy any kits etc… The thought process is to have all Summer to work on them while enjoying the summer so as not to feel rushed at the last minute. Alternatives take thought and time, :scream: The alternative ladies should probably be grouped because not everyone wants a “different” baby.

If I am wrong someone please chime in!!!