Summer rain is born!


I love this kit.


Your a natural! She’s one of my favorites.


She’s very cute, you’ve done a great job!


I started to regret ordering it, but I’m so glad I did. She is so easy to work with, well except for the hands. I think her half fists are a slight challenge!


Her front half of hair is officially heat set! I will finish the back side soon…I just kept accidentally bumping her so I had to lock it in!



It looks 3D, very nice!! Can’t wait to see her all complete




Thank you all for all the warm compliments. It means so much!


Night time back of head pics


I so wish I could paint hair like this. It looks incredibly real. Did you follow any kind of tutorial or are you just a natural at this?


Aw, thank you! I didn’t follow a tutorial. But I did watch one from Sweet Potato Pie I think on YouTube. I did like her pointers, but it was a straighter hairstyle. I couldn’t find anything like what I had in mind so I just tried my own thing.


A little darker and dimensional. I still need to add a lighter shade.


Wowww!! You’re a natural! That hair is amazing!


She needs a little bit of a lash trim :wink:


This is one amazing first reborn!!! :star_struck:


Thank you!! It’s been a fun endeavor!


Her hair is so realistic :two_hearts::slight_smile:


She’s here :slight_smile:


She’s beautiful!!