Summer rain is born!

My very first reborn is almost ready for her eyelashes! I painted her eyebrows tonight but I’m afraid to bake them! I may add a little little “sweet spots” of blush. Her lips need to be a little darker and glossed. What do you guys think? Honest critiques welcome!

Update! I think you guys are right. Brows are going permanent, and the lips are staying the same! Thank you!!! She will be getting nails and some more work on hands and feet today!


She’s cute!

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Sweet baby.

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She is a beautiful baby!

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I think eyebrows and lips look good the way they are…

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Very nice, really like her brows.

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That’s a great first baby! I think her eyebrows and lips look good. Gloss tends to darken the lips a tiny bit. You don’t want her to look like she got into mom’s makeup.


Thank you so much!

Thank you! I was most reluctant about that part but it actually felt really natural. That may be the cosmetologist part of me peeking through, though!

Thanks for the advice! I bought my first reborn for my daughter on Etsy and you could say she definitely looks like she got into mom’s makeup-darling, but I definitely want to keep a natural look! I won’t add any more color to lips.

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That’s perfect because she has a grimace look which I think is a placement challenge. I’ve seen some pretty strange locations on this kit done by random artist. Will you be rooting hair? If so what color?

I was thinking about keeping her bald, but I may try my hand at painted hair. I’ve seen some really cool, dimensional ones that impress me. If it doesn’t look good, she’ll stay bald. I would like to get into rooting eventually. We will see what challenges the eyelashes bring. I got a medium brown for those, and I picture her having a nice warm medium brown hair color.

This brow design gave me a lot of inspiration!


Of course my daughter will be my lash inspiration! This was at 1 week old.


Wow!!! Your daughter is gorgeous! Look at those eyelashes!! :heart_eyes: Your Summer rain is looking adorable!

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Omg, blessed!! Beautiful baby but wow on those long lashes!!

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Oh man, the sweetness!


Your baby is sooo beautiful!

Aww, thank you!

Awesome job for your first baby! She is beautiful.

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