Sugargliderus hair

Do you have to wait for Carolyn to post hair on here or can you order direct from here as a custom order? Or does she usually have stock on hand?

I have PM’d her on here and if she has some mohair she will dye it any color that you want. Her hair is always gorgeous!!

Thank You, I have sent her an email and hope to hear from her soon.

I always send her an email. So far I’ve had no problems with getting hair from her. I love her hair!

@sugargliderus has told me that she is happy to do custom colors but you need to order a full ounce if it is not something that she already has on hand. I have been very happy with hair that I have gotten from Carolyn. It roots beautifully and is VERY comparable to Slumberland.

Yes, I had to order an ounce when I placed an order but it is well worth it.

Thank you ladies, I sent an email which she answered and let me know she receives payment through PayPal which I have NO idea now to use. I also explained this to Carolyn so I hope she or someone on here can guide me. I am OLD, NOT computer literate, have lots of inabilities when it comes to technology. Help Please.

if u go to and go to sign up, just follow their instructions to set up an account. carolyn should beable to send u an invoice for the amount and it will be sent to u in an email(which ever email address u use to sign up for paypal). open the email and follow the instructions to make your payment that way. it will direct u to the paypal site when u go into the email and click on “pay now” u just have to sign into paypal with the email address and password u chose when signing up. hope this helps some

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I signed up several years ago and I don’t remember having a problem. I have mine linked to my bank account, but I always pay using an alternate credit card. That way, if I have a problem with a purchase and can’t get PayPal to take care of it, my credit card company will take care of it for me (I have never had a problem though).

Thank you ladies, I have a small account at the bank that I use strictly when buying things online, that is what I would be using, but first I have to go and get a PayPal account? Does that cost money to sign up and make payments through? Totally clueless here in Southern California !!!

It does not cost anything. I love to use it for nearly all my online purchases.