Stuffing baby

OK girls i wan’t your advice .I have alwayse used sand in my baby’s I havent been reborning for verry long.I seen you all use glass beads & polly pellets so i orders 50lbs of glass beads from harbor freight and i bought polly pellets from hobby lobby.I want a natural feeling baby so do you all use both? Do i feel just to middle of limb i have a habbit of over stuffing i think i like the floppy babys but i just have never made one because i try to fill the whole BB body.I have a honey & sugar i want to list on ebay so i can ship them any where .How do i caculate shipping in my listing for out of the United States. Thanks Ladies for all the help and post on here i have learned a lot, Thanks God Bless

Thanks for the tip i can’t wait to see how they turn out. I have been using sand but it makes them heavy,Plus every add i saw they used pp and glass beads.THanks abunch.